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The harmonious interplay of all of the instruments is as important for complex production processes as it is for a symphony. When an aircraft is built, large components such as fuselage panels, tail assemblies and wings are moved. Moreover, these components need to be precisely machined and exactly aligned during the assembly process. The stringent quality requirements in aviation demand a high repeat accuracy of processes. These specific technical requirements and the need for economic process efficiency place high demands on you - and on us.

The performance portfolio of Broetje-Automation therefore comprises the entire know-how about processes, manufacture, joining and automation relevant in the aviation industry. Just like a good conductor - we always keep the complete works in our focus. And we always structure its beat, rhythm, and composition so that it will master the challenges in a world of competition.

We are familiar with the "classics" as well as with productions full of innovative power: our expertise covers riveting machines as much as it does the newest joining technologies without rivets. We know the processes related to handling metal structures as well as the processes involved in processing modern technical fibers such as CFRP used to reduce weight. We use large-scale machines to process complex complete fuselages as well as automation solutions based on robots used in production cells for single components. From all of this knowledge we compose sustainable, efficient turnkey production solutions for all types of aircrafts.


Our solutions are always perfectly tailored to the specific needs of our customers. They cover everything: from manual assembly, modules and complex automation systems up to specialized production lines. As an integrator, we harmonize production flows and systems to form complete assembly lines.

We will assist and support our customers from brainstorming and generating new ideas to concept analyses, planning and simulation all the way to the implementation. Broetje-Automation stands for professionalism, experience and reliability - and that for more than 39 years, and in numerous projects.



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