Factory Planning

Going through everything once to make sure that it will all run smoothly

Factory PlanningFactory Planning

Increasing time and cost pressure is most effectively countered with a systematic approach prior to constructing a new production line or by improving the efficiency of the existing system

You are planning a new production site but you are not yet sure how the individual processes interact, what the material flow looks like and what this means with regard to efficiency and follow-up costs? Or you would like to increase the performance of your existing production line? We ensure a perfect interaction through planning and simulation of your production line to clearly answer the following questions:

  • How many machines are needed?
  • What is the  machine load and throughput?
  • What is the production capacity?
  • Where are the bottlenecks?
  • What is the man-loading requirement?
  • What happens in case of machine down time?


Factory Planning

Planning takes into account:

  • Definition of the factory floor layout
  • Material flow analysis and optimization
  • System layout and grouping
  • Integration of transport systems
  • Operational processes: personnel/material, i.e. shift plans, quantities and quantity adjustments

Conclusion: You can recognize and avoid problems at an early stage; you can minimize your investment costs and optimize system performance.



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