Composite Preforming Cell

The key to automating RTM composite manufacturing processes

Changing the tune with technical fibers


Resin transfer molding (RTM) is gaining importance as a particularly economical manufacturing method for composites needed in the automotive and aerospace industries. With this method, the component is first shaped with dry fiber reinforcements in a so-called “preforming process” before the mold is placed in a RTM tool, injected with resin and cured.

In recent years, we have been developing innovative product solutions that are specially designed for these preforming processes and suitable for industrial use!

Automated Fibre-Placement-Systems

For the first time ever, our Composite Preforming Cell (CPC) makes large-quantity serial production of complex and near-net-shape preforms for composite components using this RTM process possible.

This robot cell is a fully-automated complete system, combining several of our own patent-pending application solutions, including the following product developments:

-       CCPS – Continuous Composite Preforming System

-       CDS – Composite Draping System

-       CHS – Composite Handling System

-       CTS – Composite Trimming System

The Composite Preforming Cell impressively demonstrates our service and product portfolio in the area of innovative composite manufacturing technology and our know-how as a complete system integrator.

moving images: CPC in action



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