Integrated Composite Handling & Drape System

Integral system to preform fiber-reinforced composites

Perfecting the “unfinished”

Broetje-Automation has refined the proven Composite Handling System (CHS); the result: the patented CHDS. The composite preform process steps, i.e. handling, draping and curing are now executed by an integrated end effector. The CHS technology and the aviation approved draping and curing methods are combined to form a perfect synergy: an integral, fully-automated system for all process steps!

Preforming as a perfect process chain:

Integrated Composite Handling & Drape System
  • Picking up a fiber material cut-out (e.g. by a cutter)
  • Placing the cut-out onto a form mould
  • Draping the cut-out to form a 3D preform by means of a draping membrane which is pulled onto the cut-out by vacuum power
  • Curing the preform by activating the binder curing process with heating elements
  • Picking the preform up from form mould
  • Placing the preform into a curing tool


This solution puts a process chain for the automated manufacture of composite components at his disposal of the user: a solution providing innovative effectiveness and productivity.



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